Dates Announced: 5th Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2020

Join the Atlanta Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Advanced Manufacturing Center virtually to experience the 5th Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit (NMMS) 2020. As we transition to a digital, 3D platform, our aim is to provide Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) manufacturers with the resources required to rejuvenate and scale business in wake of COVID-19. In 2020, our focus shifted to helping MBEs gain access to innovative, technology-driven opportunities.

The Atlanta MBDA Advanced Manufacturing Center is committed to helping MBE manufacturers to implement the Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) as a way to optimize operations and processes, improve preventative maintenance, create safer work environments and to scale. The National MBE Manufacturers Summit is the outgrowth of a major initiative by the U.S. Department of Commerce MBDA to focus on MBE manufacturers specifically, as our nation focuses on manufacturing in general. Our goal is to bring advanced opportunities to MBE manufacturers and to connect them with matchmaking meetings with large corporations.

The digital transformation of your organization is the key to its future, and our goal is to help you get connected. The theme, “The Future is Now,” emphasizes the value of implementing IIoT in daily operations, and how vital IIoT is to the scalability of your business.

Discover the latest innovative market trends, pitch your products to big buyers, learn new strategies and methods from manufacturing experts and convene with leading MBE manufacturers during NMMS 2020. 

Since its launch in 2016, the National MBE Manufacturers Summit provides influential U.S. MBE manufacturers a chance to experience interactive innovation, thought-provoking education and to meet with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), corporations and Federal agencies. Over the last four years, about 800 MBEs participated in 500 fast-pitch one-on-one matchmaking sessions with 25+ major corporations and agencies to identify opportunities. 

Join us on November 16 -17, 2020:

  • Engage with corporations, OEMs, and government agencies to establish relationships for business opportunities. 
  • Experience the Innovation Pod Showcase powered by the future, as technology companies reveal cutting-edge products and bots designed to optimize your processes and systems. 
  • Explore top-of-the-line manufacturing plants and identify ways to improve your supply chain through the Manufacturing Technology Tour. 
  • Expose your company to a national audience by participating in the annual Poster Walk Competition.

Stay tuned for more information about early registration!

The 4th Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit Uses Technology to Enhance Supply Chain

Because Industry 4.0 is not about disrupting business, it’s about disrupting you. 

Dr. Josh Ghaim, Chief Technology Officer of Johnson & Johnson

How are you creating the next intelligent reality for your company? A body of minority business enterprises (MBEs), suppliers, engineers, corporations, and thought leaders gathered in Atlanta, Georgia from August 11 through August 13 to explore answers to that question. The Atlanta Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Advanced Manufacturing Center at Georgia Tech organized the 4th Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2019 to introduce the disruptive technologies and ideas driving the future of manufacturing.

Nearly 200 attendees participated in the three-day event. The Summit opened with a networking reception and ended with a manufacturing technology tour at the Kia Manufacturing Motor Georgia plant, all strategically driven around building partnerships and establishing sustainable business deals with a goal to help MBEs scale their companies. 

“The National MBE Manufacturers Summit has grown tremendously these past four years as we strive to help minority business enterprises implement the latest technologies,” said Donna Ennis, Atlanta MBDA Advanced Manufacturing Center director.

“As the must-attend event of the year for MBEs, the Summit is the opportunity for them to fully have an immersive experience in technology and innovation, network to expand and learn, and to do business with international conglomerates.”

Creating the NEXT: Intelligent Manufacturing Reality, the Summit’s theme, aimed to challenge dated practices by developing smarter procedures and technologies to enhance operations. It also focused on implementing innovative techniques to drive production with a goal of scaling and propelling business.

Speakers Josh Ghaim, Johnson & Johnson’s chief technology officer; Amir Ghannad, leadership development specialist and culture transformation catalyst of The Ghannad Group, LLC; the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency’s National Director Henry Childs II, and Christopher Hall, deputy director of the Office of Small Business Programs for the Defense Logistics Agency led compelling discussions around innovation, the prominent trends that are transforming the manufacturing industry, and the importance of introducing the Internet of Things (IoT) into factories today.

Industry 4.0 is not about industrialized labor,” Childs said. “It’s about industrialized intelligence. It’s transforming the business world. Every single thing you think you know about business, or business development, will be completely transformed in the next decade, because the future will be full of thinking, creating, adapting, and learning machines.”

Corporations and government agencies including the BMW Group, Siemens, the Defense Logistics Agency, Ingersoll Rand, The Home Depot, and Grady Health Systems participated in Fast Pitch sessions. These sessions gave the MBEs opportunities to give 15-minute pitches on how they could solve the firms’ challenges. More than 60 MBE manufacturers and 18 corporations participated, resulting in 138 fast pitch meetings.

“The opportunities afforded to attendees have been invaluable,” said Joe Lewis, CEO of Flentek Solutions, an Atlanta MBDA Advanced Manufacturing Center client and Summit participant. “All these people in one place, one meeting — I am able to build connections with all of them at one time.”

Launched in 2016, the National MBE Manufacturers Summit offers educational workshops and one-on-one meetings with large corporations, showcases innovation, and brings visibility to MBE manufacturers.

“The National MBE Manufacturers Summit is a voice for the voiceless in the manufacturing industry in our region. Many of us need this support to succeed in the future,” said Rony Delgarde, CEO of Global Paint for Charity.


Build Lasting Partnerships Through One-on-One Meetings at the 2019 National MBE Manufacturers Summit

The National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2019 is a great opportunity to get acquainted with  over 600 attendees from 28 states, Puerto Rico, Washington DC, and Canada.

By Asha Morton

Whether you are a small business or industry giant, networking at the right event is the way to success. Attending trade shows is a great way to increase brand visibility and boost a company’s reputation, which will, in turn, lead to more opportunities for your team. Business networking expands your knowledge, teaches success from others and helps to attain new clients and tell others about your business.

Networking is also an excellent way to gain knowledge from experts, get advice from influencers and build friendships that last a lifetime. Usually, like-minded business owners gather at popular industry events with an interest in learning and sharing ways to expand and gain more business.

The National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2019 is a great opportunity to get acquainted with  over 600 attendees from 28 states, Puerto Rico, Washington DC, and Canada. Many business owners have taken advantage of the one-on-one meetings with corporations and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), education and training, networking, Poster Walk competition, innovation pods, and manufacturing technology tour. Many of the contacts you make during the Summit are vetted through networking and can potentially become clients. Motivated groups of business owners always pose an opportunity for partnerships, new ventures and long-lasting business.

Companies like BMW, Trane and Bluebird participate in 15-minute “Fast Pitch” sessions that allow them to connect with various MBE’s to discover their capabilities and share their organization’s business needs. This is an opportunity for each company to build relationships that may lead to mutually beneficial business deals in the future.

The Poster Walk is a great chance for businesses to gain exposure and highlight past projects each participating company completed that is relevant to the current theme. Each poster displays a three-stage process of either innovation, productivity or sustainability, and details the methods the company followed to achieve the end goal.

Global Paint for Charity, First Place Poster Walk winner 2018

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain visibility for your company and network with industry leaders!